And so it was; and so it goes; and so it will be

Literary Tattoos: Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut So it goes.

From here:

Kerryn loves Kurt Vonnegut and decided to get “And so it goes” ( a recurring line from Slaughterhouse Five) tattooed on her shoulder.

Finally on the other side of three decades worth of bad shit, Gil decided to get “And so it was” tattooed on her back representing the past that she has moved on from but that made her who she is.

And Meg, the eternal optimist decided to get “And so it will be” on her right arm as a symbol of the beautiful unknown.


  1. 15smiles says

    this is one of the most clever and beautiful thing i have ever seen printed on a person. and that it grew to three persons, who share these feelings and friendship is amazing.

    great job!

  2. sd says

    lulz scenesters.

    good job getting the quote wrong, since you're supposed to, you know, be a fan of vonnegut and all.

    gtfo and go back to myspace.

  3. Michelle says

    I'm pretty sure people are free to have whatever they like tattooed on themselves. So what if she chose to add an "and"? It's obviously not the direct quote, but I think literary-inspired tattoos (key word: inspired!) are just fine.

  4. Bulsara says

    I am going to agree with sd on this one, I'm afraid.

    It might have said more if it had been quoted correctly…

    Ah, but to each his own, I suppose.

  5. Angel says

    I have "and so it goes…-B.P." tattoo'd on my shoulder as well, got it in may 2008.

    Good to see I'm not the only one to appreciate this

  6. wentplatinum says

    thats really cute…. bonding and bleeding together …. love it…. tats are such a great way to show love and i love to see people with music theme tats… WTG :)

  7. Waffle says

    "And So it Goes" is the name of a Billy Joel album. "So it goes" is Vonnegut. I like the idea though.

  8. stephanie says

    If you have read Slaughterhouse Five you would know that though "So it goes" is the more popularly referenced quote, "and so it goes" also appears numerous times. … So it goes!!

  9. katrina says

    you know what… people need to stop hating. i think the idea is beautiful, and like stephanie said, it still appears.

    i really, really love this.

  10. Steph says

    seriously. it's not the most known way to say the phrase, however "..and so it goes" appears several times in the book as well. what the hell is wrong with you guys. cute tats.

  11. julieann says

    oh gosh get off the page if it bothers you that much. no need to be a jerk. i think its sweet, very cute together girls :)

  12. says

    "lulz scenesters.

    good job getting the quote wrong, since you’re supposed to, you know, be a fan of vonnegut and all.

    gtfo and go back to myspace."


    First off, you just said "lulz" and "gtfo"… Why don't *you* get back to Myspace?

    Also, this wasn't tattooed on you, so stop complaining. She probably added "and" to get it to match the pattern of the other two, which aren't from Slaughterhouse Five are they? Would you have been okay with the tattoo if you hadn't known that she was a fan of Vonnegut? Because then it'd just be a quote, and you would have no room for complaint other than the tattoo isn't to your tastes.

  13. Cal says

    Not to pick holes, but the three tattoos should either read 'and so it went; and so it goes; and so it will go' or 'and so it was; and so it is; and so it will be' … 'and so it goes' does not fit the other two, 'goes' and 'is' are two separate verbs.

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