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Literary Tattoos: Alphabet

This alphabet tattoo was submitted by Margaret, who says:

This tattoo is in my own handwriting. I used to be a librarian and I love the idea of the infinite potential of the alphabet. My tattoo contains the interconnectedness of all literary possibility, yet it was also very useful. I used it when I was putting books away, so I wouldn’t have to keep saying the hard part of the alphabet a billion times a day. Pure idiocy or genius, I haven’t decided which.


  1. Margaret says

    Hey thanks! The parts of the alphabet I was having to sing to myself (mumble to myself?) when I was shelving were: JKL, M and N I mix up, QRST, then W and X. Totally the most useful tattoo ever…considering I how bad I am at the alphabet.

  2. Dude says

    So, are you saying you have a hard time remembering the alphabet? And you're a librarian?

    Isn't that like a driver who isn't sure which is the gas and which is the brake?

  3. Katie M. says

    I adore this tattoo. I love what you said about "the infinite potential of the alphabet." Genius, definitely not idiocy.

  4. sarah says

    haha i love it! my favorite so far on this site :) i also have a tattoo in my own handwriting. makes it extra special.

  5. says

    hahaha! what an idea!! i once considered getting a little L on the webbing between my thumb and index finger cuz im so bad with lefts and rights. The alphabet is a good one! i always have to alphabetize client forms and such and have to sit there saying the ABCs in my head.

  6. Rosie S says

    I really love this tattoo!! I'm a librarian and i have such trouble with LMNOP, i get confused and I'll catch myself repeating it to myself when shelving certain books…glad it's not just me!

    The idea of a tattoo in your own handwriting is a good idea…if you don't have terrible handwriting like me…yours is good though so it works out well!

    Like i said…amazing tattoo

  7. jennifer says

    A librarian who likes starwars! That is so awesome! I think it is beautiful, the part of the alphabet i have trouble with if i encounter the letters alone and need to put them in order is "efg hijk"…"qrstuv"

    I especially like librarian's with big cats that look ferrel and have foreign names ;)

  8. lynz says

    it's very elegantly done.

    I work at a library, too, and often find myself singing the alphabet song, even after all these years. for me, it's G-L that's a little confusing, although, at random, I'll find other parts troubling. and I can tell from some of my co-worker's misshelves that I am not alone in this.

  9. Severus Flecha says

    I like the tattoo not 'cause it helps with the alphabet, I guess you're missing the point…"yet it was also very useful".

    Meaning: that's just a secondary effect!

    Really like the ideia, original and well done. I feel envy now=P

    All hail letters and words!!


  10. miss says

    I’m also one of those who spent years working in a library and then years in bookstores after that and had to sing to myself in my head while shelving. “HIJK” and “OPQR” were my problem areas, and occasionally “UVWX.” Anyone who questions there being hard parts to the alphabet just hasn’t had to shelve books! Especially for hours at a time.

    Your tattoo is beautiful and reminds me of the ouroboros (the snake swallowing its tail, representing infinity) that is also the auryn in “The Neverending Story.” It all ties together. Full circle, if you will. (I apologize – I have a penchant for bad puns.) Anyhow, I love it.

  11. linds says

    this is awesome, i'm likely going to get something similar soon.

    i'm not sure where now, because i stumbled across the quotation when i was very young (possibly neverending story?) but it's about how with just 26 letters, we create words, phrases, sentences, stories, entire worlds.

    i've always wondered how to represent this idea without actually tattooing the quotation. this is the best i've ever seen. definately one of the highest on my list of routes to go with my next tattoo.


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