1. Mary says

    Hi, I really like your tattoo. I'm trying to find the right font for my rib tattoo, would you mind telling me what your's is? Thanks! x

  2. Severus Flecha says

    I like the way you display the tattoo. It looks really different. Or maybe you put it a little further to the back 'cause it hurt on the ribs?=P Just kidding, it looks great.

    Mary, don't get me wrong but search for your own font. Make it as much personnal as you can…what may look good on others might not be the best for you.


  3. Mary says

    As personal as plagiarising someone else's written creativity onto your skin? (That wasn't a dig btw, I am planning a literary tattoo myself, I'm simply pointing out the irony of Severus' statement) I have actually been looking for weeks for fonts I like, I'm collecting them, trying to decide which suits my chosen text best.

  4. Severus Flecha says

    Severus Statement "make it as personnal as you can "…AS PERSONNAL AS YOU CAN.

    If you take a sentence from somewhere it is personnal to you, that as a meaning! An less you are tattoing for a fashion statement or because it looks good. In that case get a tribal slut tattoo on your lower back and be like the cummon person.

    Don't take this as a dig, I'm just pointing out the non-sense of mary's statement

  5. Mary says

    With all due respect Severus, I like the font. I think it will suit my chosen quote & placement (which differs from the above) quite nicely. That makes it my PERSONAL choice. As I haven't come across it yet in my search, I want to know what it is so I can compare it to the others I've chosen. Is this ok with you?

    And I currently have a tattoo on my lower back, a tribal-style illustration of a ballerina. It has deep meaning to me. As I believe many would, I take offense at being called a common slut.

    I don't think sweeping offensive remarks have a place here.

  6. Severus Flecha says

    And that proves me right…theres a differenece between personal and original. A tattoo sometimes is not original, but it has to be personal and what I was simply and "friendly" trying to say was for you to search your own font 'cause it would be better.

    Well…I'm happy for your tattoo in your back, I trully am. If you are happy with it that's the point.

  7. Mary says

    Oh for crying out loud, if you had mentioned at any point that you were trying to define a difference between personal & original, I wouldn't have argued with you in the first place!! I totally agree, something doesn't have to be original to be personal.

  8. Mary says

    Not at all, I'm sorry I missed the implicit use of original in the repeated use of "PERSONAL". Ha ha! I'm just over-sensitive!

  9. Severus Flecha says

    If I may just give you an advice…try to draw or write on your own body what you want, it works for me! If not possible ask someone to do it..not only helps to check if that's really the place but also alows you to see how the body flows with the draw/words

    It worked for me all the time do discover what I really wanted.

    BTW, sorry for the bad spelling, Inglish is not my mother language

  10. says

    that is the worst placement i have ever seen in a tattoo… seriously what is going on with this new Side-writing trend. Get a anchor or dagger and shut the fuck up.

  11. VerucaMarie says

    I dig it. I love that quote. I stumbled on this website, it's pretty bad ass. I'm actually trying to find some decent pics of people who have tats of books (can't seem to find very many, not good ones anyhow.) However I wanted to comment and tell you that I really liked yours, very cute, love the quote and the font is really cute too. :)

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