Closed Captioning

Literary Tattoos: Logos

I’m sure there will be much debate over whether or not this should be considered “literary”, but this is Deaf Lexy’s closed caption symbol.  She says:

I was born deaf and I got the symbol tattooed because I pretty much learned everything I needed to know in life with the help of closed captions. Plus, it never fails to make people smile.


  1. nope says

    I’m studying to be an ASL interpreter and am getting the closed captioning symbol when I graduate – although smaller and slightly different. Glad it makes people smile :)

  2. says

    I love it! My mother is hard of hearing due to Meniere's Disease so I've gotten so used to watching things with closed captions, I'll sometimes turn the sound off and watch tv with just those.

    This gives me the idea to get something similar in honor of her. That or QVC lol

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