by a mad miracle

This is Vincent’s tattoo.

Literary Tattoos: Sylvia Plath Street Song

By a mad miracle I go intact
Among the common rout
Thronging sidewalk, street,
And bickering shops;
Nobody blinks a lid, gapes,
Or cries that this raw flesh
Reeks of the butcher’s cleaver,
Its heart and guts hung hooked
And bloodied as a cow’s split frame
Parceled out by white-jacketed assassins.

- Excerpt from “Street Song” by Sylvia Plath.


  1. Erika says

    What font is that?! I've been looking for a font for my tattoos for days, and as soon as I saw yours I thought, "That's it."

    Please let me know!

    - Erika

  2. Cristina LIonarons says

    I don't know what font his is, but I've been using and to find fonts for my tats. You can add your text to see how it will look like

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