Literary Tattoos: Alphabet

This is Elizabeth’s alphabet tattoo:

This tattoo is, obviously, the alphabet. I studied literature at Bennington College and wanted a tattoo that completely encompassed my interests and passions; I couldn’t decide on any one quote, so I decided on the elements that make up all words, sentences, and paragraphs. The tattoo was done by Mike, at Bleeding Heart in Lee’s Summit, MO. He’s the greatest. The font is Georgia, and I get asked that all the time.


  1. Amy says


    I love this idea, I love the placement (sexy!), love the execution.

    Why did you choose this placement? And how painful was it? I hear rib tats are the worst. (But worth it, especially if it turns out like this!)

  2. Kelly says

    Got here through your Facebook post. :)

    I always thought it was neat how parts of it would be visible when you wore summer dresses, but never the whole thing.

  3. elizabeth says

    @amy: I chose the placement on recommendation of the tattoo artist who advised me that going too small would cause the letters to eventually bleed together. We placed it wrapped around the ribs because it was really the only place it would fit nicely that size and ultimately looked the best. :)

    It wasn't super painful (just took a long time), and after two and a half years, I've found the pain to be unmemorable.

  4. Amy says

    Sounds like you had a great experience with your tattoo artist, and the end result is fantastic. I just may copycat you someday :D

  5. Amber says

    I love tattoos at that placement, looks simple but just lovely. I'd like to get something along those lines – I'm studying English at university next year and wanted to get my favourite quotes tattooed, but I just can't decide!

  6. elizabeth says

    @amy: i wanted garamond, but we couldn't get it to look quite right. georgia was the closest available on the tattoo artist's computer, and looked the best in bold – bolding was sort of a requirement to help stave off ink-bleeding later in life. and i HATE times new roman! :)

  7. trixie says

    hey Elizabeth, I'm 18 and planning to get a tattoo. I'm a literature addict as well, but I, too, can't decide on a particular line to be tattooed. Maybe I'll copycat you if that's alright. thanks!

  8. Penny says

    I love the placement. I love the font. I love the meaning. I love the idea. I love everything about this tattoo.

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