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Literary Tattoos: Ulysses James Joyce

This is Sarah’s tattoo:

I fell in love with Ulysses by James Joyce when I was in college studying literature, identifying with the bumbling, conflicted Leopold Bloom.

When my life was recently turned upside down by heartache, I was reminded of this line from the “Hades” chapter, spoken by Bloom: “Plenty to see and hear and feel yet.”

I modified the line to bring out the main points, and had it done in white ink on the inside of my wrist. Most artists don’t like to do white ink tattoos, but I wanted this tattoo to be for me and not immediately visible to anyone else. It’s my daily reminder that no matter what unexpected turns that life can take, there’s always something new around the corner.


  1. Suzanne M says

    This is awesome. I, too, fell in love with Ulysses in college. Great tattoo concept, really interesting execution.

  2. trixie says

    My skin color is that of a chinese, I'm wondering if I get a tattoo with a white ink, will it still be visible? thanks!

  3. marta says

    i LOOOVE it!

    i too want to get a white tat on my inner wrist…

    can you pleeease post a pic in color so that i can see exactly how it looks?


  4. eli whitney says

    how is the white ink doing/how long have you had this? i would like to get something done in white ink as well but wanted to know how it holds up. i also like the concept of having something close to you that you can read but that others don't need to necessarily see

  5. erica says

    I love this, and I want a white ink tattoo but everybody is telling me artists won't do it. I WANT IT and LOVE yours!


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