1. Amy says

    Just beautiful! I have a similar tattoo — a script quote in about the same place — so of course I simply adore yours. Love the words, too.

  2. alyson says

    i love your tattoo!

    i was thinking about getting mine in the same place as yours so after seeing how great it looks i'm definitely getting it on my shoulder! love it and love the quote!

  3. marta says

    i absolutely LOVE it!

    LOOOOVE the quote!

    and love the spot!!

    I was actually looking for the perfect spot for my first tattoo… i might just have found it :-)))

  4. Gordon says

    I have the same quote across my shoulders with a slightly different script. I got it 5 years ago in rememberance of my father – we both thought of ourselves as Peter pan!

    The quote is actually from Aristotle

  5. mercedes says

    @gordon: awh! i actually got this in remembrance of my grandmother. when i was younger i'd always beg her to watch it with me. before she passed away she told me not to be scared of death. & now I am not.

    @annie: having your soul ripped out of your body and having it shot through time and space into some supposedly 'better' world seems like an adventure to me.

  6. Ruhnay says

    Hey Annie, while you speak the truth please don't rain on other peoples parade.

    This quote is magical in a way, and it makes death seem less "scary". I find it to make the thought of death more acceptable and more of a peaceful experience to be had. Since there is no telling what truly comes after death (well, no for SURE knowledge anyway) it really is an adventure to be had.

    By the way, very nicely done. It is in a good spot and it's beautiful! Love it! And the quote!

  7. Harriet says

    Who's to say that we just cease to exist? My personal belief is in reincarnation, in which case to die is the beginning of another awfully big adventure! Besides thats what the adventure is, we don't really know know :P

    Beautiful tattoo!

  8. Lily says

    Goodness me, this tattoo is absolutely fantastic. Great choice for the quote, beautiful font and perfect spot !

    I'm considering getting mine in the same place, just across the other shoulder. It looks so nice… congrats !

  9. says

    what does it mean- can someone explain please?

    and also, what is the difference from 'to LIVE would be an awfully big adventure'?

    this is for reason being as i want to get a quote tattoo and ive always loved peter pan- but i want something that means something to my life. Do you think this will?

    Love it by the way- Thanks :) x

  10. Susan says

    I love Peter Pan and almost got that quote. It means a lot to me considering my life has been one adventure after another (good and bad). Awesome tattoo.


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