I eat men like air.

This tattoo belongs to Elias Flores.

I am an 18 year old gay young man attending GA State University planning on majoring in chemistry. As I discover more and more of Sylvia Plath I keep asking myself if I am making the right choice in my decision. Her work moves me, makes me feel. I am greatly considering majoring in English because of her. To be able to manipulate words and emotions in such a parallel way is amazing! The reason I choice the last verse of “Lady Lazarus” is because of the image when I first read it. I pictured a woman with flaming fire hair rising and devouring men like air. It almost serves as a warning symbol to guys who want me for only one thing. Beware, I EAT men like you!

Literary Tattoos: Sylvia Plath Lady Lazarus

Herr God, Herr Lucifer

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair
And I eat men like air.

- Sylvia Plath, Lady Lazarus.


  1. jo says

    i’m prone to give you all the respect you deserve, but the fact you were (are? english is not my mother tongue and for me “are” and “were” are different, ignore whether they’re in english too) gay is non influent for the theme we’re exploring here….

  2. Kendall Dag says

    While it’s lovely, as a graduating English major, don’t do it. Stick with the chemistry and pursue literature on your own.

  3. Joshua says

    Actually the poem isn’t about the holocaust, that’s just a connotation for her subjugation…it’s about overcoming obstacle, such as the speaker’s suicidal tendencies and the various detrimental men in her life. Take the poem as it comes, for what the poet is telling you, for the persona that the speaker takes and for the metaphors she uses in telling you the poem’s message. It isn’t about suicide, the holocaust or Plath herself — it’s about overcoming obstacle which the speaker does triumphantly at the end. I think it is the perfect metaphor for self acceptance and triumph. Beautiful tattoo :)

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