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Literary Tattoos: Portraits Anthony Trollope

This is Sunday‘s tattoo.

This is a portrait of Anthony Trollope done by Sean Gillespie at Flagship Tattoo in Palm Desert, CA. He is, without a doubt, the most marvelous wonderful glorious dearest author to my heart. Victorian he-devil genius, disguised as a humble British postman by day. I recommend any one of his 47 published works, but most particularly “The Eustace Diamonds” or “The Way We Live Now.” This tattoo didn’t hurt either because I was in love or I’m just fat under my armpit.


  1. says

    FWIW, they’re free for download from He’s my favorite author, too, and I think The Way We Live now is his masterpiece. If you are interested, you’re welcome to join the Trollope discussion group hosted by where we are nearing the end of a group read and discussion of Is He Popenjoy? Here’s a link:

    We do a group read and discuss one work at a time. Since the man wrote 47 novels in addition to travel books, biographies, novellas and short stories, I doubt we’ll run out of reading material in my lifetime.

    He is a bit of superhero in disguise, and he loved and understood women, a rarity in Victorian lit. Considering his own childhood and troubled relationship with his mother, it’s a wonder he had any affection for women at all. Somehow he got passed that and went on to see women as people and write about them.

    Not sure what he would make of the body art that is so popular now. He hated false hair or padding, but he might have been pleased at the compliment.

  2. susan says

    You can get a LOT of Trollope at Project Gutenberg. That’s where I first found him. I’ve noticed a lot of those free books for Kindle and the NOOK are sometimes formatted horribly. Try Project Gutenberg first.

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