Literary Tattoos: Single Words

This is Edward’s tattoo.

This was my first tattoo. I found a typewriter script online and slightly modified it by hand to get the serifs how I wanted them. It almost looks slightly italicized in the picture, but it’s really just the way I am standing. “the” is the most common word in the English language and that’s what drew me towards it. As an English major I thought this would be a good first tattoo. Also, it was the first word I remember asking my mother how to spell for me. The most common joke I get on it is that I should put “end” next to it. A real knee-slapper. Also, I don’t like when people pronounce it as “thee” rather than “thu” so I might get another tattoo below it to have it spelled out phonetically.


  1. j says

    the pronunciation of the definite article “the” changes, primarily depending on whether the following sound is a consonant or a vowel.

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