Fear of Falling

Literary Tattoos: The Sandman Neil Gaiman

This tattoo belongs to Sorbetera.

This is a quote from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, from the story “Fear of Falling”.  I got this tattoo because I wanted to put something on my body that reflects my resolve in life. It’s a bit long and I could have just cut the phrase but I decided against it. I wanted to include the whole message of the quote for it to deliver its intended impact. I chose this font because I treat my body like a book. If I’m going to put words on my body, I want people to be able to read it and understand it.


  1. Lee says

    I don’t have any tatts, but if I did it would be like this one. Those words crack me open. My life’s been a free-fall for a few years, and the last few I’ve had more control over it. (Well, sort of.) I’m almost done with school, and am ready to be done falling and start flying for real now.

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