Plath / Cobain

These are Eileen’s tattoos.

Literary Tattoos: Sylvia Plath Kurt Cobain Elm

My tattoo is from the poem Elm by Sylvia Plath. The line reads “I do not fear it: I have been there.” I got this tattoo to symbolize my struggles with Bipolar Disorder and how I identify with Sylvia Plath through her literature. She is one of my greatest literary influences and I take great inspiration from the successes she had despite her own struggle with mental illness. For me, this tattoo represents that I’ve been to the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs, and I’m not afraid, because I survived before and I will survive again.

Literary Tattoos: Sylvia Plath Kurt Cobain Elm

I also have a tattoo on my right forearm, it is a passage from Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. He also was a sufferer from Bipolar Disorder. The quote reads, “And so remember, it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” He references the Neil Young song. I have always been a huge Kurt Cobain fan, but he also committed suicide like Sylvia Plath, and that is not my intended path. For me, this tattoo is a remember that I DON’T believe this statement. I tattooed it on my forearm not because I believe him but because I don’t. It is always better to stay strong and keep going.


        • Eileen says

          yep! it is a neil young song that kurt quoted. neil young later dedicated a song to kurt, upset that he had taken the lyric to sort of justify his suicide, and neil felt bad about it.

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