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Literary Tattoos: Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert

This is Amy’s tattoo:

Madame Bovary is my absolute favorite book. I’ve read it dozens of times by many different translators, and I think it grows in beauty every time.

I know Emma Bovary is supposed to be an unlikeable character, but I’ve always identified with her. I just admire her quest to make life more beautiful; even if she makes a mess of things ultimately, who doesn’t want life to be filled with romance and passion and adventure?

I read the book trying to find the perfect quote to get tattooed, but ultimately went with something Flaubert himself said: “Madame Bovary, c’est moi,” or “Madame Bovary is me.” That’s how I feel — she is me.

The tattoo was done by Sam at Atomic in Milwaukee. I love that dude :D


  1. Ultimate says

    Oh my…you really did it ? I’m french and I think you…didn’t really understand the meaning of the quote. It’s not saying “Mme Bovary is me” but something like…you know, when someone comeback from the shop and yell to his childrens “Don’t worry, it’s me” ; in french for the same thing it’s “Vous inquietez pas, c’est moi”. You’ve unfortunately take the wrong translation… My english is not good, I hope you’ve understand my explanations ;)

  2. jo says

    je crois que la signification est presque la meme, ça depends seulement de ce que monsiuer flaubert voulait dire. et ça, nous, on ne peut pas le savoire.


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