1. Heather M says

    I’m a graphic designer with a love of typography. Many of the tattoos on this site don’t have a ton of thought put into the lettering (it’s often a frequently used font rather than custom lettering, especially when a script is chosen). This one may be a font, but if so, it’s a really well chosen one. I love the meaning of the words, the way they look and the placement. Bravo.

    • Crystal says

      It took me a LONG LONG LLONNNG time to find the kind of font I wanted & it almost didnt happen as I only had a picture of the font and the artist was convinced it woudnt work out. Thankfully I convinced him, and it turned out awesome!

      <3 thanks for the kind words!

  2. Mia Emerson says

    Love your tattoo! Great placement, beautiful font, gorgeous girl. I so have a girl crush right now! Lol

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