Literary Tattoos: Single Words Hunter S. Thompson

This is Kristen’s Hunter Thompson tattoo.

Selah‘ has been described as Hunter’s version of Vonnegut’s ‘so it goes‘. In reading all of Hunter’s works the term ‘Selah’ always stood out to me as a beautiful way to sum up a lot of the terrible realities we all face as Americans and as humans.  The tattoo reminds me to stay positive and know that you may not be able to change all of the problems in the world but you can change your attitude and outlook.  Selah.


  1. says

    it seems to be pronounced similar to the cantonese way of saying “doomed!” like “oh no, I’m doomed!!” so I’m glad to know it has a good meaning instead!! It’s a really lovely tattoo! I like the colours!

  2. Cascade says

    If you’ve read Psalms, this is actually a Hebrew musical term or something similar, like ‘praise God!’. I haven’t read any work of Hunter Thompson, and it seems interesting how you’ve quoted him and how this word has touched you.

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