Literary Tattoos: The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien Elvish

This tattoo belongs to Leni from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is my dad’s name written in Tengwar, the elvish alphabet. I got it done last year, as it was the 5th anniversary of his passing away. I don’t know whether my dad actually read The Lord of the Rings or not, but to me it represents my passion for literature, as it was one of the first “grown up” books I’ve ever read. And if there’s something I’ll always thank my dad for, it’s that he made me love books since I was a small kid. I miss him a lot, but everytime I look at the bookshelves at home I realise that they’re so full of memories there’s no way to separate us, he’ll always be by my side.


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      Thank you!! His name is Franz. It was a bit difficult deciding which letter to use, because there are more than one that have the “s/z” sound (in spanish they have the same pronunciation). But this is the one that looked better in cursive so I chose it :)

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