Keep Calm and Snap On

Literary Tattoos: Slogan Keep Calm and Carry On

This tattoo belongs to Kaitlin Bledsoe.

My future career is hopefully going to be Photojournalism (New York Times Photojournalist to be specific). I’ve always been passionate about photography, and even if I don’t make it in the small world of majoring and having a career in it, it’ll always be a love of mine. So I decided to get my first Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera tattooed on my back.

To further add meaning, I added the words “Keep Calm and Snap On.” These words come from 1939, when the British government created a poster to raise the morale of the British public in case of invasion. There has been several remakes of these posters, including one for photographers, with the words, “Keep Calm and Snap On.”

It’s important to us when we are out shooting to always think about the photograph and how we can affect others, instead of doing what’s best for ourselves. We need to keep our heads screwed on tightly during an emotional event, and not allow our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions get in the way of capturing the image that could become famous worldwide and help the subject of the image in ways never thought of before.


  1. Kaitlin Bledsoe says

    Geez, way to leave all negative comments.

    First- it’s not as big as it might seem. I don’t regularly take pictures of my back, but ill send in an updated picture when I can.

    Second- I’m not 12. I’m now 21; and STILL don’t regret getting a tattoo that means a lot to my personal love in life.

    And I’m pretty positive it’s better than half the tattoos on this site; and much better than a Disney character riding a light switch.

    Ever hear the statement- ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? If not, now you have. Rethink what you’ve said.

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