Literary Tattoos: Punctuation Interrobang

This is Janelle‘s interabang (interrobang) tattoo.

I’m a graphic designer, and during my first year of art school I fell in love with the interabang; the extinct punctuation mark that combined the qustion mark and the exclamation point for moments like “she said what?!?” and so on. I decided that if my life were a symbol that would be it… surprised proclamation. It sort of became the icon for my life, and even became the name and logo of the design company I started after school. Finally this year on my 25th birthday I took the plunge and got it as my first tattoo. This mark means so much to me, and I’m so happy with it!


  1. Susan says

    Wow, that’s so cool! I never knew there was such a punctuation mark, and since I end up using a lot of “?!!,” I want to start a movement to bring it back!

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