Literary Tattoos: Single Words

This is Kate‘s tattoo.

Just got this today to celebrate my undergraduate degree… I start my English Lit masters in the fall. I wanted to get a tattoo to literally mark the occasion.

I chose [sic], “thus”; in full: sic erat scriptum, “thus it had been written.” I spent a while worrying about font, but finally decided that the only real choice was Times New Roman.


  1. says

    Interesting (and pretty cool) choice for a tattoo. [sic] does not mean “thus” in the sense of “therefore” or “ergo”; rather, it is used specifically to indicate language with syntactical, grammatical, or spelling errors when quoting from a source. It is a marker for the reader, noting that the author is aware of the errors, but is preserving the original language for a specific reason–that by paraphrasing (and/or editing for correctness) something might be lost.

  2. grafikpanikAndreas says

    I just got the idea to also tattoo this, but for the reason explained by James (before I viewed these images mind you – I’m not some common riffraff!). This looks really cool – but for me the only font choice is either Futura or Helvetica.

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