awake my soul

Literary Tattoos: Mumford & Sons

This tattoo belongs to Michelle.

The words “awake my soul” are from the Mumford & Sons song “Awake My SoulLiterary Tattoos: Mumford & Sons “. It is such an inspiring and beautiful phrase to me. I think of it not only as somewhat of a prayer to become more awake and alive in life, but also as just a call to nature and the universe that I wish to be fully awake in my living and to experience each day with the full capability of my body and soul. I don’t want to go sleeping through my days and at the end of life wonder what happened, why I wasn’t happier. This tattoo inspires me to enjoy life, to connect on a deeper level with the things and people I encounter.

I got the words surrounding a beautiful, realistic sunflower because sunflowers signify light and goodness in the world. I also think of them as being very happy and content flowers. Lastly, whenever you see a sunflower, I love how it looks as if it is growing toward and facing the sun.  They go after the light and what they want, and in return it seems like they get to be the happiest flower there is.


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