Brideshead Revisited

Literary Tattoos: Evelyn Waugh Brideshead Revisited

This is Ella who lives in Israel.

I read “Brideshead Revisited” by Evelyn Waugh when I was fifteen, for the first time, and I remember thinking that it was an incredibly melancholy book. When I was eighteen, I was drafted, and then, one night in guard duty, I read it again and was charmed. After I was honourably discharged, I had this line tattooed, as the line that haunted me through many sunrises and sunsets.

In the beginning, there is a lovely scene of youthful languor, before the characters’ lives fall apart in their hands, and one turns to the other and wonders: “If it could only be like this always–always summer, always alone, fruit always ripe…”
But of course, it can’t always be summer, and we can’t always be alone, and the fruit will rot and a tree will sprout in its place, and you cannot stop time. But you can immortalize it in ink :)


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