All was well.

Literary Tattoos: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter

This belongs to Ted.

This is my first tattoo, and obviously it’s about Harry PotterLiterary Tattoos: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter .

All was well” is the last sentence of the story that defined a big part of my childhood and even my adult life until now, so I wanted it as a tribute to Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the other wonderful characters J.K.Rowling created.

I also think that good stories must have a happy end, and until now, my life was a pretty good story so I hope someday it will end with a happy end and a sentence like this.

The tattoo was done by Markus from “Tattoo Theater” in Munich, Germany.

Literary Tattoos: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter

This is Amy‘s.

To me, it means that no matter how much crap life throws at you, if you have good people around you, and you keep fighting, everything’s going to be okay.

Literary Tattoos: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter

This belongs to Julia.

I got this tattoo because I feel that the sentiment that things can always turn out well in the end is a great life motto, because it is an iconic “Happy Ending phrase” that expresses my love for the storytelling tradition, and because I have loved Harry Potter for almost a decade now. I began to draw because of these books, and I will graduate from art school as a graphic designer, illustrator and book artist this summer. Without HP, it is very likely I would not have chosen that path.

Plus, I designed the font (almost) myself. It’s as close to Jane Austen’s (another author I love… that woman knows character interaction) handwriting I could get. I used the webfont as a base and then tweaked it into perfection in Illustrator, using prints of Austen’s letters for reference.



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