(Do you think?)

Literary Tattoos: Into the Strenuous Briefness e.e. cummings

This belongs to Alexis.

These are the last five lines of the 1920 e.e. cummings’ poem, “Into the Strenuous Briefness.”

(Do you think?) the
i do, world
is probably made
of roses & hello:

(of solongs and, ashes)

2012 was a rather difficult year for me, with a lot of drama and heartbreak and change. And so to start of the new year, I wanted to permanently adorn myself with the idea that all moments are fleeting — the good and the bad (roses/hello, goodbyes/ashes). The entire poem is wonderful, full of great images — but it was those last few lines which really resonated.

The work was done by a fantastic artist, Liaa Walter, who is based in Washington DC. I’d recommend her to anyone. And it is in King font.


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