this goddam phenomenal world

This is Nicky’s tattoo.

I’m such a Salinger geek, this book in particular means a great deal to me. This line in my opnion just sums up Salinger’s writing.

About three months ago I dreamt I got this tattoo done so I decided it was a sign I should go for it; it was done by the hugely talented Ryan at Funhouse Tattoos in Vancouver, Canada. This guy will take on any tattoo (my friend got a tattoo of a Venn diagram at the same time, two perfect circles), the font is so neat and tiny, I’m so happy with it!

(The font is Baskerville.)

Literary Tattoos: J. D. Salinger Franny and Zooey

“You’re lucky if you get time to sneeze in this goddam phenomenal world.”

- J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey

Amazing update from the submitter:  It was in October 2010 when I wrote the description and submitted it but a couple of months later our paths crossed again and now the girl I called Franny is my wife and Zooey her twin sister and my best friend. Our shared love for literature and that book in particular is what brought us together in the first place hence the tattoo. 

Literary Tattoos: J. D. Salinger Franny and Zooey

This is Elfi’s tattoo:

So my favorite book is JD Salinger’s Franny and Zooey and has been for the past 14 years (I was 15 when I read it for the first time). Every time I read the book I see it a different way, and find it amazing. I’ve always wanted a quote from the book as a tattoo, but I was always hesitating on which to get. I’ve decided to get this one done last month after a heartbreak over the loss (friendship breakup) of twin girls who I felt deeply connected with and who were calling themselves Franny and Zooey Glass (that’s how we met). They made a huge impact on my life and will always be part of me, no matter how things ended. So picking the title has that double meaning to me.