what’s past is prologue

This Shakespeare tattoo belongs to Brooke.

I am a student currently in my third year of an English Lit. BA at RHUL. My dissertation about The Tempest is positively screaming at me to finish it from the bottom of my screen! As the Shakespeareans amongst you will already have noticed, this is a quotation from The Tempest.

Shakespeare is so important to me. I plan to make my career in Shakespeare studies, post-grad then academia for as long as the world will put up with my ramblings.

The quote itself provokes a lot of questions, and it’s one of those phrases whose meaning changes depending on the context. For me it means that everything that has come before is prologue to what comes next. My mistakes lead in to my victories. Everything that has happened has an influence on and a purpose in my life today, and tomorrow. Essentially: The person I am is indivisible from the person I was, and I’m okay with that.

The Tempest itself is just incredible. It’s an absolute masterpiece and it’s an honour to wear a small part of it on my back.

Literary Tattoos: The Tempest Shakespeare

“What’s past is prologue.”

- William Shakespeare, The Tempest