V for Vendetta

This belongs to Gracee.

I’ve always felt like I am compromising a lot of things I believe in to be more comfortable, and in the process I am being held hostage by my own wants. This sentence from Valerie’s letter reminds me that whatever happens, no matter how much we tend to lose ourselves by our own or others’ doing, there is always that inch — our integrity — where we can be completely free.

Font used is called Porcelain, but my artist, Dyuntats of 55 Tinta in the Philippines, have made some adjustments due to the size and positioning of the tattoo.

Literary Tattoos: V for Vendetta Alan Moore

“But it was my integrity that was important. Is that so selfish? It sells for so little, but it’s all we have left in this place. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch we are free.”

- Valerie’s Letter, V for Vendetta by Alan Moore